Numerous Colorado registered entities have recently received solicitations through the mail offering report-filing services.  Official-looking letters titled “Periodic Report” are being issued and sent by “Corporate Controllers Unit” and seek to have Colorado registered entities pay an “Annual Fee” of $225 to have a “Periodic Report” filed on their behalf.  These letters contain a form requiring the name and address of the registered entity, registered agent, and person submitting the form.  In addition, the letters include a disclaimer towards the bottom of the page which states that “[t]his product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any Governmental Agency and this offer is not being made by an agency of the Government.”  A copy of this letter may be found here.

If your Colorado registered entity receives one of these letters, please be advised that the service offered is unnecessary.  The form contained in the letter is not required to be filed with the Office of the Colorado Secretary of State (the “Secretary”).  Additionally, please note that beginning in 2012 the Secretary will no longer mail notifications for when annual reports become due, but instead will send e-mail notifications to the e-mail address listed on file with the Secretary for the registered entity, and the cost of filing an annual report is only $10.  You can review the record and status of a Colorado registered entity and, if necessary, file an annual report at the Secretary’s website.  Also, information concerning the importance of having your registered entity’s e-mail address on file with the Secretary may be found here.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this possibly deceptive report-filing solicitation, additional information and resources may be found here.