It is no surprise that Colorado is ranked as the third most popular state for relocating millennials.  However, where in the state these 23-38 year olds are choosing to live just might be.  While Denver may seem to be a logical choice for inbound millennials, as has been the case in the recent years, millennials have a new preferred destination in the state: Colorado Springs.

Ranked seventh overall among U.S. cities in terms of net-millennial migration, Colorado Springs, barely cracking the top 20 in a 2018 study, overcame both Denver and Fort Collins this year for the top spot among Colorado cities.

This influx in millennials has come amid a surge in development in Colorado Springs.  Branded Olympic City USA, Colorado Springs has experienced population growth similar to that of the state at large, and has made strides to form and embrace a municipal identity separate and apart from its counterparts in the state.  The City has increased its downtown housing stock through an assortment of luxury apartments, and continues to work to revamp its downtown area.

Whether millennials will continue to be drawn to Colorado Springs over other destinations in the state remains to be seen.