Both sides of the political aisle have expressed interest in legislation to promote affordable housing and to correct what many believe is a problem with Colorado’s construction defects law that is preventing construction of condominiums in the Denver metro area.  One option currently under consideration is Senate Bill 15-177.

As reported here by The Colorado

On March 13, the Colorado Real Estate Journal hosted its annual Multifamily Owners and Managers Conference and Expo.  The Conference assessed the present and future of Colorado’s multifamily housing market with an emphasis on the Denver metro area.  Speakers included economists, consultants, property managers, lenders, investors, and developers. They canvassed topics ranging from the

This article in today’s Denver Post discusses how, despite some regional variation in vacancy rates and rents, the statewide trends suggest optimism among property managers and landlords concerning future demand. 

The recent uptick in multi-family housing construction in some parts of Colorado indicates that developers may be feeling the same way. 

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