Until recently, crowdfunding was thought to apply only to startup tech companies seeking alternative financing sources to launch their business or develop a product. Crowdfunding was not something used to fund real estate development projects. That all changed with a company called Fundrise, that uses crowdfunding to source equity investments for real estate development. By

Senator Ulibarri’s Homeownership Opportunity Act (SB 14-220) was finally introduced Wednesday evening.   This much anticipated bill represents a moderate compromise with bipartisan support to address construction defect litigation in condominium projects.  As has been widely reported in the media, there are very few condominiums being constructed in Colorado, an issue that has the

The origins of the “three rules” of real estate call into question whether location should be viewed as the most important characteristic when evaluating real estate.  At the 17th Annual CU Real Estate Forum, Gunnar Branson highlighted William Safire’s research on the origins of the phrase “location, location, location.”  According to Safire’s research,