HB 13-1134, which was recently introduced in the Colorado House of Representatives, proposes some interesting changes to the laws creating the HOA Information & Resource Center.   As reported here earlier, the HOA Information & Resource Center was created in 2010 to track complaints related to property owners associations for purposes of reporting those complaints

The City and County of Denver recently announced several improvements to the website for Denver’s Development Services department.  The goals of the enhanced website are to provide residents and developers with more efficient online access to the City’s review, permitting and inspection processes and newly assembled guides about the permitting and approval requirements for commercial

This weekend, the Denver Post included a story regarding certain legal issues related to the rebuilding of the Colorado Springs homes destroyed by wildfires, many of which were located in covenant controlled communities. As noted in the article, many of those communities have architectural review committees, but given the amount of destruction it is not

As we noted in a previous post, critics of Colorado’s foreclosure process have been pursuing various avenues to reform parts of that process.  They have been particularly focused on the “qualified holder” provision of Colorado statutes, which allows the foreclosing lender to state that it is the owner of the deed of trust being