Denver, and specifically The Spire, made the New York Times.  The article discusses parking requirements and the impact of parking requirements on development. As Denver’s light rail expansion and associated transit oriented developments continue, RTD, local governments and developers will no doubt continue to grapple with how best to address parking. Too little parking at a development, when other areas have plenty, can be a real deterrent for businesses to locate there because customers won’t want to deal with the hassle of finding a parking space.  Too much parking can be a financial drain on a project, both at the time of initial development in terms of development costs, and after completion in terms of operational costs.  In a city that has historically been car-dependent, trying to figure out the right parking equation for TODs may ultimately be a case of trial and error. As earlier reported, RTD has adopted a flexible policy with respect to parking at TODs.  We look forward to seeing this flexible policy put into practice.