HOAs must now allow certain water conservation efforts and accommodate their homeowners’ hybrid and electric cars due to two quietly enacted but noteworthy bills.  Senate Bill 13-183 requires HOAs to allow xeriscaping—landscaping utilizing low-water-use plants—and prohibits them from requiring homeowners to install water intensive grasses.  The law also precludes HOAs from fining homeowners for failing to water their landscapes in accordance with the HOA’s watering requirements if the homeowner is watering the maximum amount permitted by in-effect municipal water restrictions.  Turning to hybrid and electric cars, pursuant to Senate Bill 13-126, HOAs must allow homeowners to install charging systems for their plug-in hybrid or electric cars on or in their units and in their parking areas.  And while the homeowner is responsible for the cost of the installation, HOAs cannot assess or charge homeowners a fee for placing or using the charging system on or in their units.  Both laws became effective in May.