Last week, the negotiations for a construction defects reform package fell apart, making it extremely unlikely that Colorado would see any state action on the issue this year – the fourth time such attempts at legislation have failed. Immediately after that failure, Senate Bill 213 was introduced, which would establish a ten-person study group appointed by State leaders.
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On Thursday, May 05, 2016 negotiations for a construction-defects reform package broke down, making it unlikely that a bill will even get introduced this year. While Denver and several other Colorado communities have passed their own ordinances, without a state-wide legislative change, the shortage of affordable housing in Denver and elsewhere in Colorado is likely to continue, as many developers are unwilling to risk such ordinances being overturned.
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Denver is in transition in many ways.  The oil and gas business recently buoyed Denver’s commercial real estate and employment market, but now is receding.  The high tech and health care fields may be filling that void.  Foreign investment has found Denver as a market that may increase returns over coastal markets.
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Last month, I got a call from a title insurance company closer. Our client and the other parties to a real estate transaction had just instructed the title company to go ahead with the recording of documents and disbursement of funds in accordance with the settlement statement. We had sent an email to the closer with wire instructions for the funds—and the closer was calling to ask me to confirm those wire instructions, including the ABA routing number and the account number, over the phone.
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