Denver is in transition in many ways.  The oil and gas business recently buoyed Denver’s commercial real estate and employment market, but now is receding.  The high tech and health care fields may be filling that void.  Foreign investment has found Denver as a market that may increase returns over coastal markets.
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TrafficColorado Department of Transportation (“CDOT”) Executive Director Don Hunt was recently interviewed on Colorado Public Radio’s Colorado Matters by Ryan Warner.  Hunt discussed the latest plans for the I-70 corridor west of Denver. Convenient travel to the mountains is a major benefit to living in the Front Range, but as traffic worsens, the value of

country road.jpgIn order to facilitate the settlement of the western United States in the nineteenth century, the federal government broke the land up into “townships” that were generally 36-square mile blocks.  Each township was then broken into “sections” of roughly one square mile, or 640 acres.  Each section was further divided into “quarter sections,” and further