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Both sides of the political aisle have expressed interest in legislation to promote affordable housing and to correct what many believe is a problem with Colorado’s construction defects law that is preventing construction of condominiums in the Denver metro area.  One option currently under consideration is Senate Bill 15-177.

As reported here by The Colorado

As we’ve written in the past, Millennials have played a significant role in the revival of Denver’s economy. As increasing rent payments threaten to exceed monthly mortgage payments, however, Denver’s popularity among Millennials may diminish. Although worsening affordability has not discouraged Millennials’ interest in living in Denver thus far, as Millennials age and

Ken Schroeppel is the founder and administrator of DenverInfill, a blog that posts news and information about urban infill development in Denver. He’s just posted his annual look back at what the past year meant for downtown Denver development:  http://bit.ly/UmK9Iz.

The big story, according to Schroeppel, is the multifamily residential construction boom that developed

Denver, and specifically The Spire, made the New York Times.  The article discusses parking requirements and the impact of parking requirements on development. As Denver’s light rail expansion and associated transit oriented developments continue, RTD, local governments and developers will no doubt continue to grapple with how best to address parking. Too little parking at a