The Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute held the 2014 installment of its annual conference at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law March 12-14. The 2014 conference, which saw a record number of registrations, was titled “Moving Beyond Recession: What’s Next?” and focused on the need to balance population and economic growth in the

For the second time in two years, a negotiated settlement will prevent the U.S. Supreme Court from deciding the validity of disparate impact claims under the Federal Fair Housing Act.  The governing body of Mount Holly Township, New Jersey, voted November 13 to approve an out-of-court settlement in the case of Township of Mount Holly

Retirement Communities are vulnerable to civil penalties and bad press if they don’t carefully adhere to Fair Housing Act regulations and recordkeeping, as this complex with 2,600 units found out last month:

“After three years of investigation, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development last week filed a complaint against Colorado’s oldest retirement community,