To update our previous post, Governor Hickenlooper has reinstated five of the ten public trustees who resigned or retired last month after reports by The Denver Post revealed apparent abuses of public funds by certain trustees.  The five reappointed trustees include those in El Paso, Jefferson, Larimer, Weld and Douglas Counties.  In addition, the

As we noted in a previous post, critics of Colorado’s foreclosure process have been pursuing various avenues to reform parts of that process.  They have been particularly focused on the “qualified holder” provision of Colorado statutes, which allows the foreclosing lender to state that it is the owner of the deed of trust being

With foreclosures on the rise, it is no wonder that Colorado’s unique public trustee approach to the bank/borrower relationship finds itself in the limelight.  The CEO of RealtyTrac was quoted in a recent USA Today article suggesting that foreclosure-related sales will increase this year “as lenders start to more aggressively dispose of distressed assets held