Medical marijuana businesses, including grow operations and dispensaries, can now be found in many communities throughout Colorado.  The establishment and proliferation of such businesses has presented a number of issues for their neighbors. 

One issue: marijuana stinks.  It has a very strong odor, even before it is smoked. 

Odor emanating from medical marijuana businesses has

The two most common types of lease expansion options are rights of first refusal and rights of first offer.  When negotiating these expansion rights, landlords and tenants should understand the factors involved.

What’s the Difference?  A right of first refusal provides that when the landlord receives an acceptable offer from a third party for certain

For landlords, a late or missed rent payment might be the first sign that one of its tenants’ businesses is struggling or even failing.  In this economy, a landlord facing this kind of situation should keep certain things in mind in order to minimize potential lost revenue and expense.  

Quick action is critical in

4074354188_a1981d42ec_s.jpgI attended the Colorado Real Estate Journal Industrial Owners & Managers Conference & Expo on Wednesday, September 15, 2010. 

There were several panels discussing various elements of the industrial real estate market in the Colorado Front Range.

  • The investment panel seemed to reach a consensus that new industrial development would not occur until the third

The Governor recently signed into law House Bill 10-1278 (“HB 1278”), which creates the “HOA Information and Resource Center” and requires property owners’ associations (not just residential/homeowners associations) to register annually with the Division of Real Estate.  HB 1278 takes effect January 1, 2011.  Real estate owners and professionals should be aware of HB 1278 because