With the 72nd General Assembly in full swing at the state capitol, we’ve selected ten bills (out of 261 proposed, as of January 27) that may be of interest to property owners and real estate developers.  They run the gamut from landlord-tenant law to campaign finance, special districts, and reform to the state’s conservation easement program.
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In May, the Colorado legislature approved a bill amending the state’s Urban Renewal Law, C.R.S. § 31-25-101 et seq., to place new limitations on urban renewal authorities.
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In the recent decision Marin Metropolitan District v. Landmark Towers Association, the Colorado Court of Appeals held that an order creating a metropolitan district, once entered, cannot be challenged even if the organizers of the metropolitan district made misrepresentations to the municipal authorities and/or committed a fraud upon the court.  This case relates to

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If Colorado voters approve Amendment 61 in November, it is likely to eliminate the primary tool used by real estate developers to finance the installation of infrastructure in new developments. 

Amendment 61, together with its sister initiatives, Amendment 60 and Proposition 101, has recieved a lot of attention here in Colorado as we approach the November election.  While many believe that